You broke my heart when you left me
but before you filled it with joy.
Now i don't have one bit of glee
because you played with my heart like a toy.

In pieces I lay in my lonely bed,
asking myself "what did i do wrong"?
Then thoughts came rushing through my head
and realised i didn't do anything wrong.

She had betrayed several men before me
who had been victim of the same venomous sting.
They were not the horrible people that I wanted them to
Just heartbroken people who wanted the same thing as

Then I realized I had to move on from you.
Knowing that you will only cause me more pain.
I know part of me doesn't want to leave,
but I'm hurt and there is nothing left to gain.

I have been the subject of jokes around the town
because of this one heartless girl.
I always try not to show a broken hearted frown
but deep inside my heart is filled with too much hurt.

No one will play with my heart anymore
because the door is locked and the key has been
thrown away. This broken hearted man no longer wants

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You Broke My Heart Poem Submitted by Craig Smith
EMPTY - Broken Heart
Poem Written by
Tammie L. Peterson
(c) copyright 2011
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You Broke My Heart When You Left Me
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