Break Up Letters - Angry Relationship Poems
Breaking up with your significant other in a relationship is a
traumatic experience.  Often those who are on the receiving
end of the "break up" are left feeling insecure, inadequate,
and just downright angry.  Other times however, somebody
breaks up with someone for  very legitimate reasons.  
Whether they have been cheated on, abused, ignored, or
mistreated.  Those are very valid reasons to consider
breaking up and ending your relationship.

When you are feeling tormented, depressed, or angry inside
it is very tempting to do foolish things which you may later
regret.  I am posting break up letters submitted by visitors
from both the "Dumpers" as well as the "Dumpees".  It is
much better to vent your anger down through letter before
you react with pure emotion when you may not be
emotionally stable following or pending a break up.  If you
would like your break up letter to be posted online please
email me at
I sit and think what we had and i wonder how somoeone can
throw it all away for a stupid girl that they didn't even know. While
you are happy with that slut, i just sit and wonder what did i do
wrong to deserve all the heartache you gave me, Then i find out
that you told her that you loved her after only talking to her a
couple of weeks. Did you fall out of love methat quick, or was it
that you were never in love with me? And we were together for
nearly three years.

We have been through good times and bad times. But we were
always there for each other. Was it all a lie or just an act that you
put on for me? If so then you should go and be an actor because
you got my heart fall for it. Then you turn around and break my
heart to little pieces.

It has been eight months since you cheated on me and my heart
still isn't whole. Hell it isn't even half the heart i had. Thanks to
what you did to me i can't let anyone in too close. I can't even
stay in a relationship past two weeks. So i hope that you are
happy because my life is miserable. You tore my heart and soul
to shreds. They are not healing at all. I loved you so much, I
would have done anything for you but you went for the next girl.

You claimed that you loved me. I am sorry to tell you that isn't
love. You really need to learn the meaning of love before you tell
someone that you love them. Because if you don't love them and
tell them that you do, you can cause some serious damage to
them emotionally. Like you did to me!!!! But with you being a guy
of course you don't give a shit who you hurt as long as you don't
get hurt.

The thing that bothers me the most and still does is that you
didn't give me no explanation. Then you call and try to talk like
nothing happened. Honestly that is what you call a true JERK!!!
That is what i think of you anymore. But for some odd reason i
still love you. I wish everyday that it would go away. I really don't
want to love you. Sometimes i wish that i never knew you. That is
how much you hurt me.

I will not talk to you again because i will not give you another
chance to break what is left of my heart again.That is all i have to
tell. I just had to get that out. GOODBYE SHAWN FOREVER!!!!!
Goodbye Shawn - Forever!
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